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Xenon Ophthalmics and visuSolution GmbH Forge Strategic Partnership to Transform Eye Care in Europe

April 29, 2024 – New York City, NY – Xenon Ophthalmics Inc., a trailblazer in telehealth eye care solutions, and visuSolution GmbH, a stalwart in ophthalmic device distribution and development, have joined forces to announce their strategic partnership at the Vision Expo in NYC. This alliance is set to create a seismic shift in eye care throughout Europe, bringing forth an era of increased accessibility and innovation.

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In the bustling hub of the Vision Expo, the two companies declared their unified vision: to revolutionize the European eye care industry with advanced ophthalmic technologies and services. “Through our collaboration with visuSolution GmbH, we are positioned to enhance eye care experiences across Europe dramatically,” remarked Zeshan Khan, CEO and Founder of Xenon Ophthalmics.

Maik Zwick, CEO of visuSolution GmbH, added,

“The synergy between our distribution expertise and Xenon Ophthalmics’ cutting-edge telehealth technology is the catalyst for transformative care that can reach every corner of Europe. According to our slogan, ‘because your vision matters,’ this cooperation fits perfectly with our principles.”

The partnership’s centerpiece is Xenon Ophthalmics’ pioneering XO Exam™ system, a telehealth marvel that facilitates comprehensive eye examinations remotely, offering an unprecedented combination of efficiency, accessibility, and accuracy. This strategic move is set to empower ophthalmic professionals and expand the capabilities of eye care services to underserved regions.

Xenon Ophthalmics™ is an innovator in ophthalmic diagnostic technology.

About Xenon Ophthalmics Inc.:

Xenon Ophthalmics Inc. is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of vision care through innovative telehealth solutions. The XO Exam™ system is a testament to its commitment to excellence and its vision of solving global eye care accessibility.

About visuSolution GmbH:

With a robust optical and ophthalmic equipment portfolio, visuSolution GmbH is committed to elevating eye care standards through technology and providing an exceptional customer experience.

For press inquiries, please contact:

Zeshan Khan
+1 (973) 619-4071
[email protected]
Belleville, NJ 07109
United States

Maik Zwick
+49 (0) 39361 967-0
[email protected]
D-39517 Tangerhütte OT Brunkau

The Vision Expo has been the stage for this groundbreaking announcement, highlighting the commitment of Xenon Ophthalmics and visuSolution GmbH to redefine eye care in Europe and beyond.

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