Next-Generation Automated Refraction and Visual Field Exam Headset


Our Automated Refraction and Visual Field Exam System Offers Patients Greater Access to Precise, Comfortable, and Convenient Eye Examinations

Patients need better access to vision examinations around the globe.

The rising aging population, frequent device screen use, and lifestyle changes have significantly boosted the global need for vision correction.

Despite approximately 2.2 billion people worldwide requiring vision correction, only 30% have had an eye exam in the past three years.

Demand for eye care is surging, but many practitioner offices struggle to meet this need. Moreover, in many regions, access to quality vision care remains limited.

Traditional ophthalmic diagnostic tools are costly and require extensive office space, training, continuous calibration, and upkeep.

Despite Advances, Modern Eye Exams Are Inefficient, Inconvenient, and Uncomfortable.

Until Now.

Despite technological progress, the patient care experience hasn’t evolved much over the decades. Comprehensive exams typically last 30-90 minutes and can be inconvenient for patients.

However, the Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ diagnostic system transforms this, providing complete Automated Refraction and Visual Field testing with better efficiency and comfort.

Notably, the XO Exam™ allows remote practitioner involvement, expanding access to essential vision care to the most remote regions of the world.


Our XO Exam System Offers Professionals Increased Patient Volume and Practice Growth Without Sacrificing Care

While Global Demand for Eye Care is Skyrocketing, Investment in Conventional Diagnostic Equipment is Prohibitive for Many Practitioners.

Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ System offers eye care professionals a way to expand their practice without sacrificing patient care and without the expense of conventional diagnostic equipment.

Conventional exam lane equipment is expensive to own and requires a significant investment in office space, training, and ongoing calibration and maintenance.

Modern technological alternatives, such as digital refraction tools, can be just as pricey, often require even more training, and still require significant office space and costly maintenance.

In addition, higher learning curves and staffing shortages result in costly errors in care and can erode patient confidence.

The XO Exam™ System Allows Increased Patient Volume and Exam Lane Flow Without Sacrificing High-Level Care.

The XO Exam™ System includes diagnostic features of traditional ophthalmic devices like phoropters, autorefractors, and visual field units.

In contrast, many competing headsets aren’t medical grade and only offer screenings like visual field and acuity tests.

Xenon’s XO Exam™ System, paired with a high-resolution display for an expansive field of vision, delivers a comprehensive diagnostic system with functions like auto refraction and digital phoropter, also recording Interpupillary Distance (IPD) and vital measurements.

The Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ System enables eye care professionals to serve more patients globally with premier care. It’s truly cutting-edge ophthalmic diagnostic tech.


XO Exam™ System Benefits

For Patients

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The XO Exam System: Next-Gen Automated Refraction and Visual Field Testing

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