Next-Generation Ophthalmic Diagnostic Technology


Our Mission

We want to bring brilliant minds in optometry, ophthalmology, and eye care, together to create a solution for all and improve ocular medicine for the better.

Current diagnostic tools take up office space and limit eyecare practitioners’ abilities to treat elderly and disabled patients in particular.

Lack of care for patients who need it results in more preventable eye diseases becoming a more significant issue than necessary. In addition, optometry equipment has limited accessibility and mobility.

It’s time we create a convenient, portable, space-efficient, interoperable solution with different modules for different machines, cost-effectiveness, and more. It’s time we made vision care available to all who need it around the world.


Our Vision

Our vision is that every patient can access sufficient eye care, and doctors can provide it to more and more patients worldwide. Spend more time communicating with patients to offer better treatment options, improve your quality of care, and revolutionize eye care with us.

Our next-generation technology can reliably detect and image for ocular conditions, including Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy. Treat preventable diseases of the eye with a more accessible tool that’s designed to be accessible.

With multi-lingual translation options, portability for older patients, and reimbursement code options for doctors, Xenon Opthalmics™ XO Exam™ technology is a new paradigm in patient care and practice growth.


To find out about investing in Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ next-generation ophthalmic diagnostic technology and receive an investor information package, please complete use the contact information provided.


Our Values

Xenon Opthalmics™ is committed to accessible eye care for all. Not just in the United States but all over the world. Most people who need consistent and accurate eye care are older individuals or people with disabilities who cannot travel long distances or comfortably utilize office equipment.

From uncomfortable chairs to living hours away from a specialist, our XO Exam™ technology makes telemedicine eye care possible. By using the XO Exam™ system, doctors can conduct more tests with accuracy and speed to care for more patients.

Our end goal is to make ocular eyecare modern and reduce the possibility of preventable eye disease altogether.

Put the XO Exam™ Ophthalmic Diagnostic System to Work in Your Practice

We are forming an early-interest list for eyecare practitioners to reserve XO Exam™ ABT and VFT units for 2023. Please complete the form below to put your practice on the list.