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Benefits of Virtual Reality Paired with Eye-Tracking for Visual Field

Virtual Reality Visual Field Test

Many patients struggle to perform a basic Visual Field (VF) test, which is critical for diagnosing and monitoring their condition over time. Patients should not look around when conducting an exam, as we can track all eye movements. Xenon-1’s innovative eye-tracking technology makes conducting eye exams with our patented VR headset consistent and accurate.

“When patients take VF tests, they feel anxious,” Dr. Bruce Stark of our Xenon Board of Directors said. “They want to get the right answers, want to please the technician and doctor. The technician is there, telling them what to do. It adds pressure and takes up staff that is needed elsewhere in the office. This isn’t meant to replace existing equipment, but work in tandem to conduct more exams in less time – to be respectful of doctors’ time as well as patients.”

Xenon-1 offers a comfortable headset that accommodates patients who may fidget, have trouble moving due to old age, or feel uncomfortable in a traditional optometry chair. Doctors can receive more accurate diagnostic information and collect data for future research and care with the aid of eye-tracking technology.

Community Eye Clinic Opportunities

The Visual Field test and all exams with Xenon-1 are self-guided, overseen by a clinician from a tablet. This allows patients to undergo exams at their own pace. Instead of moving from one exam room to another or waiting for technicians to be available, adding to wait times, doctors can now see 15-20 patients a day for a Visual Field exam alone. The headset also offers more privacy and no pressure.

The portability of the Xenon-1 headset is also a massive benefit. Eye-tracking technology will be readily available anywhere instead of just in doctor’s offices. Eye care clinics can be conducted anywhere, from churches to concert halls, community clinics can be mobile, available, and offer preventative care that reaches groups of people in large quantities.

With quick diagnoses and adjustable tests without any added waiting time, re-schedules, or follow-up appointments that require further effort, Xenon-1 will be accessible to anyone regardless of their nearest optometry office.

Prompt Visual Field Test and Eye Exams

With Xenon-1, conducting several tests at once and adjusting as needed is respectful of every patient and doctor’s time. Our headset also provides more value, allowing doctors to see more patients and receive reimbursements for specific tests to put value back into their practice. The improved patient care and equipment that has three times the capability rather than three times the cost is essential.

Additionally, a prompt exam encourages preventative care, faster diagnosis, and more immediate action for the benefit of the patient and doctor. Patients will also spend less time in uncomfortable equipment, which could alter their results if they shift or move too much. The visual field test is the most disliked by patients since it causes discomfort, requires you to put your head forward, and one error can prolong the test.

The Xenon-1 headset eliminates all those factors, acting more like a game than a task. Find the target and the light, interactive features with eye-tracking technology that are so capable and advanced.

Eye Exams for Elderly and Fidgeting Patients

With a headset that is more relaxed, capable, and fit for any patient, the benefits of pairing virtual reality with eye-tracking technology will revolutionize optometry and ophthalmology care around the world. Xenon-VR has seen great success in our prototype alone, and we’re eager to develop commercially available headsets for doctors to use in their practices, community clinics, and travels globally.

If you are interested in learning more about Xenon-1 for your practice or want to become a partner, contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with more information.

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