Next-Generation Ophthalmic Diagnostic Technology

XO Exam ABT (Aberrometry)

The XO Exam™ ABT (Aberrometry ) exam unit, part of Xenon Ophthalmics™ world’s first medical-grade wearable ophthalmic exam system, is designed to improve patient care and increase practice growth.

XO Exam ABT offers three critical subjective aberrometry tests (Refractive Error, Wavefront Aberrometry, and Retinoscopy) with greater accuracy, speed, and patient comfort than conventional optical exam equipment.

For patients, that means greater access to the highest level of vision care available no matter where they are in the world. For practitioners, that means increased patient volume and practice growth without sacrificing the quality of care provided. 


Multiple Refractive Error Tests in a Single Medical-Grade Device

Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ ABT Refractive Error Test Icon

Digital Phoropter

Our XO Exam ABT Aberrometry exam unit offers a paradigm shift in the subjective measurement for Refractive Error. Our custom liquid-lens technology goes beyond the latest digital phoropters for real-time true and accurate optical power change with a wide field of view while providing unmatched patient comfort.

With direct input using the convenient XO Remote, patients can move easily through cylinder, prism, and lens combinations, test their visual acuity, and provide feedback to increase accuracy while reducing test time.

Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ ABT (Aberrometry Testing) unit offers wavefront aberrometry testing

Wavefront Aberrometry

Our XO Exam ABT unit offers accurate Wavefront Aberrometry, the objective method of measuring refractive power, using a tool to measure how a light beam moves through the tested eye.

The detailed measurements of the movement of the light wavefront are a critical tool in diagnosing low-order refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and higher-order and refractive errors.

Higher-order errors refer to conditions that include complex visual defects such as coma, spherical aberration, and trefoil. These aberrations can cause difficulty seeing at night, glare, halos, blurring, starburst patterns, or double vision (diplopia).

Xenon Ophthalmics™ XO Exam™ ABT retinoscopy examination icon


XO Exam ABT offers precision Retinoscopy to examine the patient’s retina and provide an objective measurement of refractive error to determine if a patient suffers from emmetropia, myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or astigmatism.

Unlike traditional retinoscopy, which requires a darkened room, the XO Exam ABT unit is light-tight, allowing the test to be conducted more efficiently in any part of the office environment. 

XO Exam ABT also allows retinoscopy to be performed by the patient directly, providing feedback using the XO Remote or administered by a trained technician for those who may need assistance, such as very young and elderly patients. 


XO Exam ABT Specifications

Admin & Security & Support
XO Exam™ ABT
Additional Screening ExamSecurity Encryption
24/7 Chatbot Support ✓ Via Xenon App on Tablet, Webportal
24/7 Email Support✓ Within 24 hours
Analytics & Reporting
HIPPA & BAA Compiance
Phone Support (Business Hours)
Warranty ✓ Part of SaaS model
United States Patent US 11,504,000B2
U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Registration Number: 3021912304
WIPO/PCT International Patent NumberWO2021/022028 A1
WIPO/PCT International Register of Industrial Design Registration Number: DM/226213

*Compared to existing tabletop equipment.

XO Exam™ ABTCompetitive Offerings*
Additional Screening ExamNo - Added Cost
Audio and Video of Patients ✓ Via Xenon App on Tablet - Remote LocationNo - In Office Only
Automatic Pupil Measurement No
Battery Life✓ 4 - 8 hours: Replaceable Battery (4hrs each)✓ Tabletop Equipment - Wired Power
Custom Eye Tracking No
Cylinder Power Range✓ -6 Diopter ~ 0 ✓ -7 Diopter, +7 Diopter
Data Export: PDF, JPEG, DICOM, PNG
Digital Phoropter
Full Wavefront
Full Wavefront (High Order)
Furniture RequirementNo - Exam Can Be Conducted Anywhere✓ Need Dedicated Room
Gaze Tracking✓ Tabletop Gaze Tracking
HIPPA Complaince
Increment By ✓ 0.1D, 0.125D, 0.25D✓ 0.25D
Interpupillary Distance (IPD) Range ✓ 42-78mmNo - Requires Additional Equipment
Liquid Lens✓ Mechanical Lenses Only
Live Exam, Even Remote ✓ Tablet, WebportalNo - In Office Only
Per Exam Cost No
Progress Analysis ✓ Tablet, Webportal
Pupil Image
Pupil Size
Spherical Power Range ✓ -10 Diopters, +10 Diopters✓ -14 Diopters, +14 Diopters
Subjective and Objective Exams ✓ Exams Can Be Conducted AnywhereNo - In Office Only
Trial Lens No
Visual Acuity Live Feed No - In Office Only
Visual Acuity Test (Power with Liquid Lens)
Wavefront Aberrometry
Weight ✓ Less Than 3500G✓ More Than 50lbs
Wireless ChargingNo
Xenon Tablet✓ 128GB ✓ Tabletop Computer


The XO Exam Ophthalmic Diagnostic System: Next-Gen Aberrometry and Visual Field Examinations

Xenon Ophthalmics XO Exam units offer eyecare practitioners a way to expand their practice without sacrificing patient care and the expense of conventional diagnostic equipment. 

The XO Exam System combines first-of-its-kind, medical-grade patented ophthalmic diagnostic technology in two detachable headset units: XO Exam ABT (Aberrometry) and XO Exam VFT (Visual Field). 

The two units may be purchased separately, but when combined, creates a comprehensive vision care solution that radically transforms patient care and practice growth potential.

Put the XO Exam™ Ophthalmic Diagnostic System to Work in Your Practice

We are forming an early-interest list for eyecare practitioners to reserve XO Exam™ ABT and VFT units for 2023. Please complete the form below to put your practice on the list.