Next-Generation Ophthalmic Diagnostic Technology

The Future of Ophthalmology and Virtual Reality: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Stark

When Dr. Bruce Stark put the Xenon-1 headset prototype on for the first time, his eyes were opened to a brand new way of conducting eye exams.

“I tried doing everything a patient might do,” Dr. Stark said. “From moving my head too much to closing one or both eyes, it tracked everything. It’s difficult to conduct an eye exam in a telemedicine fashion, but the headset tracked everything. I was excited to see how Xenon-1 might and would change everything.”

Dr. Stark served as a clinical ophthalmologist for 38 years before retiring. A general
ophthalmologist, he got to see all areas of eye care, from diabetic treatment to glaucoma patients. Now, he serves as a member of the Xenon-VR Board of Directors. His expertise is highly regarded amongst our team and speaks to Xenon-1’s capabilities.

“Even just the prototype accomplished so much,” Dr. Stark said. “It allows patients the freedom to move the neck and take the exam for patients who tend to fidget. The technology has already become so much more sophisticated in new ways that we are implementing into the Xenon-1 headset.”

Virtual Reality Eye Exam

Eye-tracking was introduced into the gaming industry and has become an increasingly prominent tool. Designers are now able to assess and quantify measures such as visual attention and reactions to key moments during gameplay to improve the overall gaming experience. Combined with other biometric sensors, designers can utilize the data to measure emotional and cognitive responses to gaming. New trends and developments may soon render it possible to control the game based on pupil dilation and eye movements.

By integrating virtual reality with eye-tracking technology, conventional research methods and other biosensors can assess and diagnose conditions.

Measurement precision certainly is crucial in eye movement research. The quality of the collected data depends primarily on the tracking accuracy of the device used, and Xenon-1 is the premier tool of choice.

“VR technology will make the patient experience so much better,” Dr. Stark said. “We are sensitive if our patients are unhappy. Expensive equipment doesn’t matter if it takes the patient two hours to get to it. This equipment enables doctors and their practices to have more patients in a shorter period. No more backlog and getting them a diagnosis on the spot. Everything we do is to provide better eye care for more people globally.”

The benefits of real-time evaluation allow doctors to make a diagnosis at the moment and act quickly for preventative care. If optometrists have to do further testing or initiate treatment, you can do it on the spot. Xenon-1 is designed to be as efficient and pleasant as possible.

With the ability to conduct multiple exams in one, tests are easily customizable based on the patient’s needs and are designed for all ages. Xenon-1 delivers Visual Field tests designed for conditions where the optic nerve is involved, including glaucoma, AMD, and more, to offer care for a large spectrum of patients. All of this is possible by studying gaze points, fixation, and the eye movements between fixations known as saccades.

Eye Tracking Technology Innovation

We are on course to develop a commercially-available product for doctors’ offices, set up clinical studies, and continue with absolute clinical trials, which means that our headset will undergo rigorous testing to compare our instrument to others and become Goldmann Standard certified.

Xenon-VR has many patents specific to medical eye examinations that are different from gaming headsets and intended to improve patient comfort and care. By measuring IOP, our headset can help diagnose degenerative diseases and put an end to them.

Virtual Reality is the tool of choice to make it easier for the patient to experience eye exams. Eye-tracking is the only method in human behavior research that makes it possible to objectively measure and quantify eye movements. With innovative eye-tracking technology with VR and more, Xenon is a brand new way and the future of optometry, ophthalmology, and telemedicine overall.

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